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Dry River

Dry River Pinot Gris 2018

Our Pinot gris vines are amongst the oldest planted at Dry River – the majority was planted in 1979 making them 40 years old. They provide a consistency, depth and character unlike most of our other wines.  Still on their own roots, they well fend off droughts and have adapted to ameliorate vintage fluctuations.  Here it shows the heavier aromatics to symbolise its deep foundation through vanilla, toffee, dulce de leche and ripe pears.  Fresh characters like melon, fennel and honey suckle bring lightness and are likely to reflect fruit from our younger pinot gris block.  This wine spent a long time maturing on lees, partly in oak barrels, to bring aromatic complexity in the form orange cake and nougat.

An overwhelming sensation of grace and serenity hit us when tasting this wine for the first time after blending.  Comforting and luscious, the gentle nature is like a welcome home wine, if you don’t mind the sweetness of the residual sugar.  Its translucent and timid character make it rich and buoyant without the bling factor. The creamy fluffy textural element is that of a groomed gruffness, presumably from the time on lees in barrel, with hints of liquorice root and rock melon.

Our Pinot gris gives drinking pleasure as a young wine, but is rewarding with time in your cellar – preferably five to seven years.