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Dry River

Dry River Twelve Spies - Various vintages

Dry River Wines has embraced a new story accompanied with a new wine, moving away from our single variety wines to present a wine blend that is both innovative and exciting.  The distinctive image of the front label is that of the Twelve Spies, and has been associated with our wines for over 25 years.  It depicts a tale of perseverance and conquest against the odds, a parallel of the Martinborough region’s founding story.  Here we introduce The Twelve Spies, a blend of Pinot noir, Tempranillo and Syrah.

This wine is one that has been on our minds for a while.  We are pleased to introduce this wine as an expansion of our Pinot noir production, utilising our very own Dry River Estate vineyard clone and rootstock.  This wine is unfiltered and grown under organic farming practices, with our vineyards entering the BioGro certification process in 2017.

It combines the spicy, deeper aromatics and chalkiness of our Syrah with the more intricate violets and lifted aromatics typical to Dry River Pinot noir.  The Tempranillo fills out the palate with a breath and warmth.  This wine is initially focused on servicing the on-premise trade in New Zealand and Australia.

It is a unique and pioneering wine that marks unchartered territory for Dry River Wines.  This message behind the story depicted on the iconic motif echoes the very foundations of Dry River itself.