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Lot Eight Cold Pressed Yuzu Olive Oil 250ml

A first in the world, the cold-pressed ‘Yuzu Olive Oil’ is a highly fragrant blend created for people with a taste for Japanese food flavours. This unique olive oil is made using New Zealand grown olives and the much prized, Yuzu citrus, also New Zealand grown.

Yuzu is regarded as a tree of eternal youth and longevity, given that it takes almost two decades to fruit and continues to bear fruit for more than 300 years. It is revered for its highly fragrant skin, which is used in a wide variety of Japanese cooking from savoury custards, over raw fish and in the exquisite Ponzu dipping sauce. This fruit is revered in Japan, with chefs creating their best dishes integrating the flavour of the citrus with the delicacy of the food.

How to Use

A favourite at Lot Eight is to make a mignonette dressing to toss over a green salad or served with raw fish, oysters and with steamed prawns. Bring your creativity to your kitchen at home and using the Yuzu Olive Oil in some of these dishes: