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Dry River Craighall SELECTION Riesling 2018

The latter part of the 2018 vintage was an excellent period for Botrytis bunch selection. When Botrytis fungus is present at the right stage during grape ripening, as it was in 2018, a natural plant defense mechanism is triggered.  This brings out complexities not present when it occurs late in the season; the fungus will bring interesting aromatics and complexities, but this is mainly as a result of dehydration.

The nose is very seductive, elusive and suggestive of a late picked wine.  The candied pear, rockmelon, honeysuckle, orange rind, and figs drive this expression.  Furthermore, one can distinguish flower characteristics of Jasmine, Christmas lilies and wisteria.  The vibrant fruitfulness is maintained through rock melon, mangoes, and mandarin.

The shape of the palate resembles that of an inverted droplet.  Luscious and broad at the start, then drawn inwards to a singular point when traveling to the back of the mouth.  This is likely to be a function of an interplay between the viscosity and the acidity.  The residual sugar of 120 g/l, combined with a wine pH of 2.7, will explain this.  The complex flavours are difficult to single out, though honeysuckle, yellow plums and lemon sorbet stood out.  This can be a long-lived wine in the cellar, 10 years or more, and should be approached with care.  When combined with food, think of cheese, and avoid high acidity in the dessert.