Lavender Abbey Essential Oil

Essential oil is the concentrated essence of a plant, the part which gives the plant its distinct scent. Extracted during the distillation method when the flowers are processed with steam releasing the essential oil in the flower heads in the form of vapour. The vapour then passes through a condenser which cools the mixture and separates the essential oil from the lavender water. The essential oil floats to the surface where it is collected and bottled. Rub a few drops on a light bulb indoors to scent the air or outdoors to repel insects.

Use it as an insect repellant, to help heal cuts, scratches, soothe insect bites, or add several drops to a warm bath for deep relaxation.

    As with some other essential oils, avoid use if pregnant. Lavender oil may also cause irritation to people that have sensitive skin. Apply a small test to skin or dilute well. 

    Type: Lavender

    Producer: Lavender Abbey

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