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On Giants' Shoulders Pinot Nouveau 2020

Our intention with the nouveau is to produce a florally expressive Pinot noir, with acidity and low alcohol.  To do this we undertake a very rigorous viticultural regime, substantial shoot positioning, bunch thinning and green thinning, shoulder removal.  The fruit is protected from excessive sunlight to ensure crisp acidity and lighter tannins.  Meticulous hand picking and berry selection occurs during harvest.  Where possible, all vineyard work is undertaken by our dedicated family members, friends and community.

In the winery 100% whole cluster was retained in the fermenter, and carbonic fermentation started after a few days.  The grapes underwent carbonic fermentation for 10 days, followed by a foot stomp, with an additional day on skins prior to pressing.  Fermentation was completed to dryness in tank after pressing.  Here the wine underwent spontaneous MLF, and settled prior to a light filtration and bottling in September as a young fresh red wine.