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Porters Pinot Gris

There is a very slight hint of that ‘gris’ hue. The nose shows an apple and pear notes, coupled with strudel; typical of Pinot gris. Underneath all that is a faint pear skin element that goes directly to the palate. Lovely grainy texture- a slight baked pip fruit note and a texture that exhibits a delicacy rather than running on high octane alcohol and sweet sugar. Stylish rather than fruit blown giggle juice would be a crude, but accurate way of putting it. Some of our Pinot gris have progressed through the cellar with remarkable aging ability. I would like to think this one may, but I would think a shorter cellaring proposition may be called for, it’s just so lovely now. I would be pleased to be incorrect in this assumption – do contact me with your thoughts as I very much enjoy what the public think. It’s just that this wine is quite expressive now, why wait? Take these moments of pleasure whilst one can, I say. This wine has a pleasing acid that frames and articulates the palate – this means, when you put it in your mouth, it’s the acid that firms the flavours, carries the characters through the length of the palate, then finishes with a deft flick – much like a tennis player, probing his opponent with a rally then positioning himself to angle a quick spinning ball to the faraway corner. Game, set and match.