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Dry River

Dry River Lovat Gewürztraminer 2020

The fantastic vintage allowed us to let the grapes mature slowly on the vine until they were ready to pick in the latter part of April.  This is a subtle and tactful wine that evolves constantly, entering new aromatic cycles.

Gewürztraminer evolves well in the cellar, five to ten years or longer.

The nose is initially closed with orange marmalade, jackfruit and candied apricots.  Then the spices, like cumin and fenugreek, become more visible. Grilled pineapple, nashi pear and honey rate come forward with time.

The palate, too, is slow to reveal itself.  It is delicate and deep, with a persistent texture throughout.  Slightly drier than previous years, which exposes the mid palate more, the real nature of the wine becomes evident after several approaches: calm, juicy and delicious, with a strong personality.