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Olive Oil

Lot 8 cold pressed olive oils 250ml - distinctive flavours

Herbs de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a blend of Fennel, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Oregano and Rosemary, these herbs, traditionally grown in the South of France in the Provence region are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. Chefs love to infuse their meats and pasta dishes with these herbs and now using the Herbes de Provence Oil, they can include the use of this oil to bring out the best in the flavour of fish and dairy dishes, meats, pork and poultry.


Mixed in with yoghurt, freshly ground cumin seeds and grated cucumber is how we love using this blend. It can be paired with sausages, pork, chicken and added to mince to make kofta, alternatively, drizzled over a salad of finely sliced fresh fennel and oranges. 


Often described as ‘lemon meringue pie’ this oil is superb in sweet or savoury baking and also perfect as a finishing oil in salads and warm vegetables. Chef creations include sweet dishes like ice cream, gelato, cakes and toppings plus savoury dishes like warm seafood, sashimi and soups. You have so many opportunities to add a dash of finesse to finish your dishes, with a sprinkle, a drizzle or add some more for impact!

Yuzu is regarded as a tree of eternal youth and longevity, given that it takes almost two decades to fruit and continues to bear fruit for more than 300 years. It is revered for its highly fragrant skin, from savoury custards, over raw fish and in the exquisite Ponzu dipping sauce to a mignonette dressing to toss over a green salad or served with raw fish, oysters and with steamed prawns.

Sweet Aromatic

Chefs use this oil in sweet and savoury dishes whilst at Lot Eight, we use it in dishes like baked stone fruits, rice pudding, cakes and smoothies. This is another of our favourite oils, for it adds a dimension to any dish and elevates it to another level. A tablespoon added to your breakfast cereal, fruit juice or smoothie should provide the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.


This blend (nicknamed the chorizo oil) has already been used by the oil maker to make paella, chicken and potato bake, scrambled eggs and shakshuka. This blend can be used as a base oil as well as a finishing oil. We recommend both.


Kawakawa and Horopito are revered by Maori as therapeutic plants, with their unique flavour attributes. The orange fruits from the female plant are sweet and the seeds are peppery. We love the earthy flavours they impart combining the umami of the Kawakawa and the hot peppery notes of the Horopito. This season we included dried Kawakawa berries to prolong the peppery taste. Use this cold-pressed oil to dress raw or steamed seafood, soups, roasts and casseroles. A simple dish of fresh raw white fish, sea salt and finished with a drizzle of Flavours of Aotearoa is a firm favourite here.


Milled with dried chillies and Sichuan peppers; the Sichuan introduced to create a tingling of the tongue and to help fool the senses into believing the oil is hotter than it is, but also so this oil can be used as a dipping oil for dumplings and dim sums. The Oil maker has discovered that unshelled prawns coated in Orient and cooked on a hot skillet or wok with ground white pepper and salt is a perfect use of this blend. Feel free to add minced garlic to the mix.

Flavours of the East

This season, the olives were milled with Vietnamese mint, lemongrass, coriander roots and kaffir limes. With a delicate intensity of flavour, this cold-pressed oil combined with fresh lime juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, salt and pepper would make an ideal dressing for Asian salads or mixed with white wine vinegar and drizzled over sashimi and oysters. Simply garnish the salad with mint or coriander leaves for a perfect taste sensation.This oil is perfect to use as a dipping sauce with a little soy and rice wine vinegar for your dumplings and dim sum.

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