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Tangent by Alexia - Field Blend Rosé 2022

TANGENT: from the Latin ‘tangere’, meaning to touch.

Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Gewürztraminer, Syrah, Viognier.

This Field Blend Rosé is a true cool climate wine – made of late ripening varieties picked together in ‘the field’ at the very end of the season and co-fermented wild to create a unique Wairarapa Rosé.

Three red grapes, two white grapes each bring their own characteristics, but the co-ferment process combines and elevates each to create a new spectrum of flavours.

This is a wine that is the sum of its parts - full of plush dark fruit flavours, dynamic freshness and textural crunch.

Taste: Blackcurrant, floral, anise, lively.

Vineyard derived yeasts for wild fermentation, minimal handling, no fining, and no additions except sulphur. Vegan friendly.

Please note: This wine is made in as hands-off a way as possible. As a result, there may be a slight naturally occurring crystalline deposit at the bottom of the bottle.

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