White Wine

Margrain Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2017

"The nose of this wine confidently announces its depth of character with a generous splash of lemon-straw colour. In the glass it opens with a hit of smashed honeydew cantaloupe and ripe Queensland pineapple alongside white fleshed nectarine, grapefruit zest and soothing notes of camomile tea. The aroma is upswept and inline yet it speaks of many things; like snips and snails and puppy dogs tails or long sticky apron strings. Dusty talcum powder and smoking gun oil add further interest and are rounded out by fresh fennel bulb, mashed butternut squash and a hint of pickled walnut.

The wine epitomises the tantalising crossover where sweetness and charm meets stroppiness and tang. Surprisingly full across the palate with green peach and crushed pineapple flavours, it slithers sideways before flowing onward courtesy of its juicy and turbulent acidity, to achieve an edgy balance like a size 4 model in baggy dungarees. Powerful and zesty, it has a breadth of flavour that could only be controlled by a roadside guardrail while the flesh and muscle sinews which are obvious beneath the taut skin are guaranteed to rock the DJ. In the finish a flinty edge and somewhat oily texture spread smoothness and calm to the ruffled back palate. Almost the perfect aperitif, this wine will definitely get your juices flowing!" - Strat Canning - Winemaker