Ata Rangi Crimson Pinot Noir CURRENT VINTAGE - 2016

VINTAGE 2015 - A great and largely typical season – a gentle spring, with a warm January and a welcome coolness at the back end through February and March. Some large winds in January put pressure on the canopies, the positive being that berry size was kept smaller, intensifying the fruit. Crimson is our selection of fruit from younger parcels of vines from our various vineyards on the Martinborough Terrace. Vine age ranges from 5-20 years. In their youth, vines tend to be more fruit expressive, gaining more complexity with age (as do we all!). The winemaking philosophy is the same as for our signature Pinot Noir; no enzymes or yeasts are added, providing a hands-off, traditional approach to expressing the site. What we find in the 2015 year is a length and drive that belies the age of the vines. More savoury in spectrum than previous vintages, the nose exudes spice, red licorice and a medley of bramble fruit. All carry through onto the palate, with the older vine portion providing real weight and a fine line and length 

Type: Pinot Noir

Producer: Ata Rangi

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