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Dry River Chardonnay 2022

Craighall and Dry River Estate vineyards. Most of these vines have withstood the test of time over the last 40 years, embedding themselves solidly in the Martinborough ‘terroir’.

The 2022 Chardonnay embarked on a 12-month journey, fermenting in French oak with the assistance of wild vineyard yeast for ethanol ferment and wild bacteria for the malolactic exchange. This unique process allowed a subtle influx of oxygen through the porous wood, softening phenolics and deepening the wine's texture. After the year in the barrel, the structural components and acidity found their equilibrium. The wine was then gently transferred to airtight tanks for another 5 months to bind aromatics and clarify. The Chardonnay was filtered and bottled in August 2023. 

Expect to cellar for approximately five to seven years before drinking.

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