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Escarpment Ryan Riesling 2018

Escarpment’s Artisan range is a commitment to the future expansion of our key varieties. Exploring boundaries has always been part of our philosophy and is exhibited in our winemaking approach.

A single vineyard Riesling from our own Te Muna Road site. Grown on the alluvial gravel terrace soils of the Martinborough Terrace during a challenging growing season for the district.

A smaller crop and warm summer allowed fruit to ripen wonderfully, producing powerful opulent wine with the lime oral zest Riesling is renowned for.

After many years of traditional stainless steel fermentation we have decided to evolve our Riesling approach to include barrel fermentation and lees contact, enhancing texture and mouth feel. A dry style (1g/l residual sugar) has been created, ideally to be enjoyed as an aperitif for something to liven up the taste buds.

It is an accurate reflection of Martinborough’ s unique terroir. Cellar for up to five years or more, successfully.