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Margrain En Rose Methode Traditionelle

"Made from 100% Pinot Noir, this wine is more fruit-oriented than its big sister La Michelle though it has spent the same 36 months on yeast lees to allow full autolysis development. A delight to behold, the colour sits between partridge-eye and fresh-run Rakaia salmon and is the very height of delicacy, diplomacy and decorum. The bead is in fine fettle, rising frantically when first poured then gradually settling down to a lazy escapade. The nose is sweet and tantalising and the combination of white peach, blanched almonds and buttery French toast will see you shiver with antici…..pation. A little tinned lychee, malted barley sugar and soft buds of coral camellia tease the senses while lemon marmalade, tangy lanolin and a hint of sour apple add a restrained twist." - Strat Canning Winemaker, Margrain.

Also available as a Magnum (1.5 L)