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Margrain Pinot Rose 2022

"Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? The sun does absolutely shine out of the rich cardinal hue of this wine and can even the dullest of days, light up. Don’t think the colour is just a chance phenomenon though, it was sweated over for days during the vintage. To extract just the right amount of anthocyanin from the skins, some of the plump ripe Pinot Noir grapes were given 2 days on maceration before pressing, some were pumped over and others even worked by pigeage, the traditional foot stomping technique, usually the preserve of tourists visiting Old World wineries,.

Beaming and gleaming, this wine pirouettes from the glass and transports one instantly to another time and place; a blood red sunset over a Balinese beach perhaps.  Don’t be fooled by the angelic quality of the juicy-fruit nose, for behind the virginal façade is a Betty Boop waiting to explode. Stewed plums and sherbet, raspberry tea and marigolds after rain, chocolate brownie and buttered sourdough toast lead onto tapioca with manuka honey and a hint of spicy gazpacho. The palate is a no-brainer, a fait accompli. Full and round it immediately rolls into a full body embrace then melts in the mouth like fresh candy floss. Peach Melba and a hat full of raspberry drops give a teasing sweetness that defies determination as to whether it has its roots in the few grams of residual sugar or the oozing ripe fruit dripping onto the mid palate. A mesh-like structure encapsulates the tongue and will have you in loco parentis to the palpably soft acidity. It is fine boned yet curvy and sports the impossible muscular definition of Lisa Carrington pumping her famous one arm victory salute, while deftly balanced in the sleekest of kayaks.

Strat Canning - Winemaker.

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