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Margrain Vineyard Barrique Fermented Chardonnay 2021

"I hear so much BS about Chardonnay I hardly know which way to turn. Since when did everybody become such an expert on the variety? When discussing Riesling they don’t say “Oh I only like the citrusy ones”, or Pinot Noir “Nah, too plummy for me…”. Most wines live or die by their innate quality and typicity of variety. With Chardonnay however, some folks only drink “oaky” ones, some “buttery”, some “fruity” and others “broad and complex”. Open your minds people and enjoy them for what they are and while you are at it, spare a thought for the humble winemaker who is just trying to bring out the best from the fruit they have grown.

Awaiting further wine tasting notes from Strat Canning (winemaker) for this wine......

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