Alexia is a small urban winery operating in the heart of Greytown. We do everything here from crushing the grapes to bottling the wine, making it a hands on process from start to finish.

Our grapes are farmed at Manuka Flats Vineyard, on the stony silt loam river terraces of the Taratahi plains, just north of Greytown. Low wire, densely planted, with naturally low yields of intensely flavoured grapes, and a small experimental block dedicated to varieties not widely grown in Wairarapa.

Our approach has always been to keep it simple, do less not more, let the vineyard speak, and take great care. Our winemaking is a constant evolution. Taking what we’ve learnt, thinking about how to evolve the wines we make, and working in the vineyard to achieve that. Great wine starts in the soil, working with the land to accentuate the very best things about it to grow the best grapes we can. Once we have fantastic grapes, the job of the winemaker is simple – try not to trip up on the way into the winery.