The three sons of Maurice and Betty met the three daughters of Bob and Merle. The middle son and the eldest daughter were bonded in matrimony, and were blessed with three daughters.

Hamden, a mix of the family names was to become their Estate. Located on the Dry River Teraces in Martinborough, the soils drain free, producing premium wine with intense varietal flavours. The vines were planted by the owners, their daughters and loyal friends whose enthusiasm for digging holes in the stony river bed waned after the first hour. The grapes were picked with some assistance and abundant advice from the three daughters, of which only some advice was related to the vineyard. This is clearly evident in the end result.
Hamden Estate Sauvignon Blanc
Hamden Estate Sauvignon Blanc $22.00
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Hamden Estate Pinot Gris
Hamden Estate Pinot Gris $24.00
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Hamden Estate Rosé
Hamden Estate Rosé $25.00
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Hamden Estate Chardonnay
Hamden Estate Chardonnay $25.00
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Hamden Estate Pinot Noir
Hamden Estate Pinot Noir $27.00
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