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Jumping Goat

"Our story begins in Ancient Ethiopia, with a goat herder named Kaldi. Legend has it that Kaldi’s goats loved munching berries – the kind that inexplicably made them bounce about. Kaldi accidentally roasted the berries, and BANG, coffee was discovered.

Fast forward a couple thousand years, where a professional drinker/visionary from Kiwi-land had a dream: to concoct a tasty elixir that would stick a firecracker up your nether regions. He set to work, experimenting with vodka and espresso from a $10 coffee machine.

Much imbibing and innovating later, Jumping Goat was born. A refined, palate pleasing coffee liquor for shot takers and cocktail makers. 

And Jumping Goat are New Zealand producers that do GOOD. As of  September 2019, Jumping Goat pledged to donate 10% of gross profits from every bottle sold worldwide to the good people at Farm Africa. They guarantee that a minimum, they will donate NZD$10,000 which could help cover the costs of more than 300 goats for women in Ethiopia, supporting them to set up sustainable, small scale goat-rearing enterprises that will help them generate an income and provide their families with a more nutritious diet.


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