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Muirlea Rise

This tiny vineyard with low cropping, non irrigated twenty seven year old vines is in the heart of the Martinborough wine village. Established in 1987 by Lea and the late "Pops" Willie Brown, it's still family owned and operated by son Shawn, who is currently the only second generation winemaker in Martinborough. Continuing the tradition of minimal intervention the wines are reflective of the growing season, as Shawn says "All over the place!" 

“Pops” favourite wine was Pinot Noir and this petulant and somewhat arrogant wine still continues to frustrate and fascinate winemakers and drinkers alike. Being somewhat of the “Tofu” of the wine world; picking flavours and character from its environment, it makes for an interesting ever-changing wine. 

Planted alongside Pinot Noir is the infamous Martinborough Mad Red, which "Pop" planted (along with several other winegrowers) that was thought to be Syrah. It has a cult-like following to those who like it, and utter disdain for those that don’t. Mad Red loves being fortified, into wine liqueur which Shawn says "If thats not heaven, it's as close as you're going to get, and then, have it with dark chocolate!"


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