Ata Rangi Lismore Pinot Gris CURRENT VINTAGE - 2017

"A very classic Pinot Gris originally influenced by the style of wines from Alsace but developed over the years into our own, uniquely Martinborough style. The vines from which this wine was produced are now 22 years old. With roots that have driven metres deep into the gravels, they consistently deliver fruit with heightened texture and flavour. The up-front aromas evoke fresh cut pear, custard, pecans and lychees. The palate offers a creamy entry, with concentration and texture. The finish is long, dry and imbued with the flavour of fresh walnut and a hint of smoke. With just a few grams of residual sugar, Pinot Gris is a delicious stand-alone aperitif. It is also one of our favourite food and wine matching choices, especially for anything with heady spice and/or challenging flavours. The wine shows complexity and will benefit from bottle age".

Type: Pinot Gris

Producer: Ata Rangi

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